This is Alex Karjeker over at Texas Plenty. I hope all y'all are having a relaxing 4th of July this year.

It's been a while since you've received an update from me. The first half of this year ended up being much busier than I expected.

But I'm restarting Texas Plenty and have some posts lined up for the rest of 2021. As a quick reminder, this blog/newsletter is a space for me to write and share my own thoughts on state and local politics in Texas from a "plentiful" point of view.

If you're uninterested in continuing to receive these emails, there's an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email. My feelings won't be hurt.

But if you'd like to keep reading, here are a few topics that I have planned for the coming half:

  • an analysis of the Texas State House and Texas State Senate 2020 elections and the little split ticket voting that still takes place,
  • a follow up of the Texas Democratic Party's "Data Analysis" report,
  • a recap of what the Texas Legislature accomplished during the 2021 Legislative session (including the special session that will begin next week),
  • some interesting news at the city level (including Austin's new ranked choice voting process and Houston's effort to rein in the mayor),
  • and lastly some policies that I think would be both popular and help make Texas better.

As always, I'm always interested to hear what the folks who read my writing have to say. So feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have ideas or questions that you think would be interesting to explore. If you found this content on social media, feel free to comment there.

Your feedback helps me get better so thank you and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things next week.